No Bathroom Renovations!!

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The Tub Slide Shower Chair

Manufactured by R.D. Equipment, Inc.

The Tub Slide Shower Chair is not only unsurpassed in safety and simplicity, but it allows a disabled individual the same comfort and convenience which was previously available, only from a roll-in shower. This product is an inexpensive alternative to major bathroom renovations, making any bathroom accessible! The Tub Slide Shower Chair is great for home use and when traveling.

Carol Heck, a Registered Nurse with Interim Home Health Nursing Services, stated, "The Tub Slide Shower Chair has to be the most safe and effective piece of equipment I have encountered. There was no difficulty using the product. It was easy to assemble, clean, and dismantle. Storage of this product was a breeze."

For extra safety and security at home or when traveling, ask for the Tub Slide Shower Chair by name. For any further questions and information on the Tub Slide Shower Chair