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Have you ever felt helpless one day regarding your situation even if you had massive positive support? If you're a PWD, do not lose hope - the world is a beautiful place, and there are many products that can help you out. RD Equipment Inc., for example, is dedicated to making any paraplegic's life better. More importantly, we're focused on helping paraplegics gain a firmer control of their life.

The Tub Slide Shower Chair is a simple wheelchair assistance device which helps you transfer to the shower tub without any assistance. The chair is ergonomic and can fit in most bathrooms. Many hotels and nursing home centers have ordered our tub slide shower chair units, and we got positive feedbacks. On the other hand, our Electric Leg Bag Emptier has been a well-renowned personal choice of paraplegics. With this electric urinary bag emptier, you can drain your leg bag easily. Plus, you can conceal the emptier in your pants for your own privacy. Draining the bag is also easy - you just need to operate a small switch, and the emptying process will occur.

If you're worried about our prices, don't be. All of our products have competitive rates because we believe that all of our clients must be treated fairly.

RD Equipment Inc. will make your life easier and more manageable. Contact us today and get the paraplegic assistance product that you need!

Here at RD Equipment Inc., we value your time, money, convenience, and safety. All of our products are properly tested and they've already helped many paraplegics. Our popular products are Tub Slide Shower Chair and Electric Leg Bag Emptier. You can also avail other useful products like Right Angle Folding Fork and EZ Phone Holder (black and white variants).