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Becoming wheelchair-bound can be a tough life hurdle, but it's not yet the end of the road. Many companies and organizations offer better support for paralyzed people and wheelchair-bound elders. One of the best ways to help these people is to raise their morale and level of independence. Few products can do this, but one provider has a winning edge: RD Equipment Inc. The company offers very useful products that can help paralyzed and wheelchair-bound people.

RD Equipment Inc. was founded 20 years ago. The founder had a driving accident which turned him into a paraplegic. Such pressing and difficult time stoked his innovative spirit, which led to the creation of RD Equipment's fine products. RD Equipment Inc.'s goal is to help paraplegics maintain a better, independent lifestyle. All of the company's products were carefully conceptualized, and they reached a huge market within a few years.

RD Equipment Inc. also has competitive pricing for all of its products. Aside from quality, you'll get fair rates and possible discounts in the future.

Regain a fine degree of control in your life. Contact RD Equipment today and order your desired product!

What We Do
We Design and Develope Technology For Independence
My name is Richard Dagostino and I founded R.D. Equipment, Inc. in 1987, fourteen years after suffering a spinal cord injury that left me a C5/6 quadriplegic. I started this company to help others gain independence through products that I developed for my own use.
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Our Focus
  • Designs, manufactures, and markets products, to help increase independence and accessibility, for the elderly and disabled.
  • R.D. Equipment's products help meet the requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 
  • Products currently available are the Tub Slide Shower Chair which eliminates the need for a roll-in shower, and the Electric Leg Bag Emptier to increase independence and promote health.
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